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Tarnish Blocker Anti-Tarnish Spray Solution

Tarnish Blocker Anti-Tarnish Spray Solution


Medallion’s Tarnish Blocker™ provides extraordinary protection against the formation of tarnish on clean silver, gold, brass and copper pieces. This proprietary water-based solution penetrates into the “pores” of the metal to block the appearance of tarnish without using harmful products that can damage the metal or need stripping in order to be removed. The solution can be used on cutlery, jewelry with gemstones and all types of antiques and decorative pieces. The best part is that it works in minutes and provides protection for up to one year!


  • Water-based solution
  • Works on Silver, Gold, Brass & Copper
  • Up to 12 months anti-tarnish protection

Product Information

  • 1 (one) 8oz Tarnish Blocker Spray
  • Additional information

    Weight 8 oz

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