4 pc. Liquid Silver Plating and Polishing Kit


This premier formula instantly silver plates, cleans and polishes sterling and silver plated pieces. Also use to silver plate copper, brass, nickel and bronze items. Conventional polishes are abrasive and remove a layer of silver with every application. Medallion's 4 pc. Liquid Silver Plating and Polishing Kit easily dissolves tarnish while molecularly bonding the pure silver to the base metal.

The new silver finish will never chip, flake or peel. The solution is safe for gemstones and can be used to beautifully restore worn or dull silver jewelry. Liquid Silver is also recommended to maintain or rejuvenate silver antiques and heirlooms by bringing back their original luster and shine. Originally developed as the preferred method for use on all types of sterling silver. This kit includes everything needed for perfect silver plating results.


Restores Worn Jewelry, Silverware, and Antiques

  • Contains Pure Silver
  • Gently removes tarnish
  • Bonds a layer of pure silver with each application
  • Gentle
  • Non-toxic

Product Information:

  • 1 (one) 4oz Liquid liquid silver solution
  • 1 (one) reusable applicator sponge
  • 1 (one) buffing cloth
  • 1 (one) pair gloves
  • Additional information

    Weight 20 oz