7 pc. Liquid 24K Gold Plating System


The original Medallion Liquid 24k Gold Plating Solution permanently bonds genuine 24k gold onto most metals and is safe for all stones. Restore dull, worn and faded jewelry instantly. Transform rings, watches and heirlooms to a beautiful gold brilliance with this totally safe and non-toxic molecular plating solution.

The new Liquid Gold will not chip, flake or peel off. Just dip and watch the gold bond within seconds. Works on all base metals including white gold, yellow gold, platinum, rhodium, sterling silver, silver plate, nickel, brass, bronze and copper. The system includes the pre-deipped jewelry cleaner for deep-cleaning your items before gold-plating and the gold polish, which can be used after gold-plating.


Transforms Worn Jewelry and Collectibles Into Dazzling Gold Masterpieces

  • Contains pure 24K gold
  • Non toxic molecular plating
  • Safe for all gemstones
  • Restores faded gold plated jewelry
  • Solution lasts until gold is used up

Free Gift for Gold Plating
Bonus silver plated penny included in each kit for use as a tester item for gold plating.

Product information

  • 1 (one) 4oz liquid gold plating jar
  • 1 (one) reusable activator disk
  • 1 (one) dipping basket
  • 1 (one) buffing cloth
  • 1 (one) instructional booklet
  • 1 (one) 4oz pre-dipped jewelery cleaner
  • 1 (one) 2oz gold polish
  • Additional information

    Weight 32 oz