2 pc. Brite n’ Brilliant Instant Tarnish Remover with Refill Funnel


Brite N' Brilliant™ is a revolutionary formula which instantly removes the toughest tarnish and oxidation from all metals that tarnish. Just dip or wipe on and the tarnish instantly dissolves. This permanently eliminates the need for abrasive and tiring rubbing to remove tarnish from metal surfaces.
Brite N' Brilliant™ opens the “pores” of the metal to release the tarnish and deep clean the surface.

This clear solution penetrates into the most detailed areas which makes it perfect for cleaning intricate hollow ware and linked chains. Rinse with water after cleaning to seal the “pores” of the metal and remove any residue. Pour any un-used solution back in the bottle. A little solution goes a long way!


Instant Tarnish Remover

  • Just dip or wipe & tarnish disappears in seconds!
  • Reusable Solution
  • Great for Silver, Copper, Brass
  • Product Information

  • 1 (one) 16oz Brite N’ Brilliant
  • 1 (one) refill funnel
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    Weight 16 oz