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Works in A Flash Concentrated Foaming Bathroom Cleaner

Works in A Flash Concentrated Foaming Bathroom Cleaner


Works In A Flash Foaming Bathroom Cleaner is an extremely concentrated, thick and foamy solution which allows for maximum cling time onto surfaces. Just a small amount of spray is all that is needed for deep cleaning results on all surfaces. Works on rust, lime, calcium, hardwater, soap scum and grime to cut through the worst dirt and stains and leave bathroom surfaces clean and shiny. Safe for use on all types of fixtures, tiles, tubs, floors and glass.



  • Highly concentrated Tub, Tile & Shower Cleaner
  • Destroys Scum and Smells Great with Intense Foaming Action!
  • Great for Shower Doors, Tubs and Glazed Tile, Vanity Tops, Sinks &
    Chrome Fixtures
  • Dissolves rust, lime, and calcium stains

Product Information:

  • 1 (one) 32 oz concentrate bottle
  • 1 (one) foaming trigger sprayer

Additional information

Weight 32 oz

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