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Works in a Flash: 2 pc All Purpose Concentrate

Works in a Flash: 2 pc All Purpose Concentrate


“In a Flash” is an amazing new formulation which was developed to literally attack dirt, grime and soil from a multitude of surfaces, making an extremely versatile, effective all-purpose cleaner. The strength of the solution allows you to use a very small amount of product to achieve excellent cleaning results on everything from carpets to toilets. Simply add “In a Flash” according to the dilution ratios noted in the directions and enjoy the savings and sparkle all around your home!



  • Superior All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Great for Kitchen, Bath, Carpet, Flooring & Outdoor Surfaces.
  • Super Concentrated Formula Makes up to 32 Quarts!

Product Information

  • 1 (one) 32oz concentrate
  • 1 (one) empty spray bottle for mixing

Additional information

Weight 32 oz

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